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Rootalingua – your provider for language travels on Mars

You have already discovered the most exciting places in the world, or you are just longing for a new adventure? Then Rootalingua is the right partner for you. With our unique service, we offer you the possibility of a language travel to Mars. Expand your horizon, grow beyond yourself and benefit from the cultural exchange with Martians.

Leisure activities

Many different leisure activities await you here on Mars. From unexpected meteor showers and lava-spewing volcanoes to the natural wonder of Valles Marineris – there is something for everyone! Explore Mars on your own with a rented vehicle or let our hop-in hop-out buses take you around the planet.


We organise accommodation with a host family, allowing you to experience a cultural exchange with the Martians.  

Overview of our course offers  

Why should you choose Rootalingua?

Satisfaction rate and awards  

The 100.5 % satisfaction rate of our clients speaks for itself. We are also proud to have received the Star Mars Award for the tenth year in a row.

Best price guarantee  

Our services are offered at bargain prices. It is our main goal to keep the journey into space affordable for everyone.  

Our first-class team of teachers

From Root, Tschewbakka and Johda to EH.TH. – all members at Rootalingua are highly educated language and cultural experts.


We have some testimonials to give you a better idea of what we offer. Here you can get inspired by the cosmic experiences of our clients.

Support & service   

Our intergalactic team is here to help you around the clock with any questions or concerns you may have. With a bit of luck, you will get support from Dark Vader (he has changed his career).  

Cooperation with SpaceFlex  

As with Knitter, Elon Moschus knows that our company has an enormous potential. Therefore, he wants to collaborate with us.

Our customers share their experiences

Jack Brown (43) From Byron Bay, Australien

From now on, I'll be only surfing on dry land!

4 out of 5 meteors

Our testimonials

EH.TH. wants to go home - and so do I.

3 out of 5 meteors

3 von 5 Meteoriten
Our testimonials

Vreni Müller (58) From Schattdorf, Schweiz

A must for all space fans!

5 out of 5 meteors

5 von 5 Meteoriten
Our testimonials

Don’t hesitate and set off for new galaxies with Rootalingua!  

Dream destination: Mars

Dream destination: Mars